Do you need to rent a Live streaming server for streaming video?

We support both RTMP, HLS and dash video from any of your existing streaming and encoder equipment or software.

Our streaming servers are hosted on the world’s leading CDN providers like Akamai,Amazon or Azure. You can instantly switch between multiple video streaming servers for encoding and viewers can enjoy seamless streaming from a streaming server that is located close to their own location.

All our servers support live video streaming and re-playing on-demand videos. You can play videos at anytime from the streaming server that is dedicated to you. Not only that, the videos can be embedded on any site instantly.

With your dedicated live streaming server, you do not need to worry about low bandwidth or CPU resources on your PC or laptop as all the resources are allocated on the server and our servers are connected to 10 Gigabit internet lines for extremely fast connectivity.

We support all streaming servers like Livebox,evostream, red5 and wowza, However, we highly recommend the Livebox live streaming server for the best Quality and fast live streaming experience.

The Livebox streaming server also includes complete IPTV support. So, if you need a full fledged solution at a very low cost, Livebox server is the way to go.

Let us know which Live streaming server you prefer for your next live event. We are available at 9789978981 to listen to you.